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What our clients are saying

“Since I’ve started working with Doris, it has changed my business life. I’m actually making more money now!”

– Customer Testimonial – Esmée St James

“If you are thinking about utilizing her public speaking services, I would highly recommend it!”

Customer Testimonial – Ernest F. Kong

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What Our Clients Are Saying

“I’m a client of Doris, and have been very impressed by her work. I approached Doris for help on a presentation I was struggling with. I was amazed how quickly she diagnosed and remedied my issues! But more valuable she invested the time and energy to learn my business. Ultimately she changed the presentation’s focus in a way I had never imagined, which made it much more powerful. It goes without saying I would never have been able to achieve this outcome with out her. I would highly recommend Doris if your goal is to improve your speaking skills.”
Art Clark, CEO at ObeoEwalk
“Doris worked together with me to create a presentation to increase my visibility on the major new development in my area, the new ‘606’ revenue recognition principles. The challenge: create a talk simple enough for non-accountants to understand but thorough enough to demonstrate my competence. Doris was able to create a concise yet powerful PPT slide deck that did not leave people overwhelmed with info. The use of pix, limiting words, focuses on the presenter’s delivery and not the slides – so logical yet most presentations I see are the opposite. And we practiced. Timing the talk, being aware of body language is so important and was spot on. I have given a version of this talk several times and it gained the attention of Hardesty LLC, a financial services firm. I merged my firm into them; based on this visibility I was brought in to lead Hardesty’s National Technical Services Practice. And, I continue to get ongoing offers to speak – the perfect way to get new business opportunities. Thanks Doris. And as an aside, it was a lot of fun working with you and learning the subtleties of this process.”
Rick Brounstein, Partner and National Technical Accounting (US GAAP) Practice leader at Hardesty, LLC
“Doris is a great public speaking coach. She is personable as well as professional. Her ability to make you feel comfortable and trust her is genuine. This is critical when your being coached for large group presentations and need emotional and professional support when your feeling vulnerable the most. She provides many step by step pointers as well as help guide you in writing and planning your speak to elicit a true authentic message. Overall, Doris is a great resource, coach, and professional and I would highly recommend her services.”
Amy Churchill, Via Services, Director, First Step Department
“Last year I was looking for a training to improve my business and presentation skills. I was looking at different places, but nothing seemed promising. Once I connected with Doris and met her personally, I understood she was definitely a person I could trust and someone I’d want to work with. After our first couple of meetings I decided to attend her Executive Presence Class. Looking back now it probably was one of my best decisions I made last year. Doris is amazing and knows how to organize and form a class. Our group was amazing! I learned so much from everybody in the group and from Doris as well. All members of the group were high level professionals from different industries. I became friends with almost everybody in the group, learned a ton, and got a lot of value out of it. Now I know the best way to say and do things when I present so that everybody in the room stays interested and pays attention to what I’m saying. Moreover, I can relate it to all other aspects of my life. So, if you are looking for a place to improve your skills and make amazing connections, Doris is the person to connect with. You can fully trust her and be confident that she will care for you and provide you the best.”
Daniil Gorkov, Realtor at Intero Real Estate Services
“I received public speaking training from Doris Pickering before I had to present in two major International events at my current job. My presentation skills improved greatly after the one to one consultations I had with Doris. She makes an assessment of your current presentation skills and she is able to pin point to exactly what you should improve. In addition, Doris is a fantastic person and I won’t hesitate to receive further coaching from her in the near future.”
Fernando Lopez, Regional Coordination Officer en United Nations Volunteers
“In this era of information overload, Doris nails it when it comes to public speaking skills. Her format of 1:1 coaching sessions combined with group exercises makes it possible to learn unconsciously and present the story without losing one’s unique style.”
Lakhaa J., Santa Clara, CA
“I absolutely love Doris and the work she does to help executives and business owners like myself improve their leadership presence. I just joined her upcoming Executive Presence Program and I’m very excited.”
Veronica T., Castro Valley, CA
“Every time I introduce myself at a networking event or when I am giving a presentation, I have a quick, memorable, and powerful intro to share with my audience that I would never have created without the help of Doris! I attended one of her events that was about creating your “zipline” or how to say what you do in 10 words or less. This has been so incredibly helpful to me. My zipline has become a staple of my marketing message and I use it all the time. I can’t more highly recommend that you work with Doris if you are looking to streamline your introductions to clearly and concisely say what you do in an impactful way!”
Tracy Lee D., San Jose, CA
“I am the Director of Community Relations at a mid-size law firm and heavily rely on Doris’ expertise. She has presented to our team of 13 family law attorneys and offered valuable public speaking advice. Public speaking is incredibly important when earning trust, and Doris is able to educate her clients about simple and effective techniques to enhance any professional’s public speaking skills, credibility and image. We also hired Doris to assist in creating content for a major presentation. She helped streamline the content and flow of the presentation and kept us on track to deliver a very successful program. She also offers video taping and feedback to help her clients practice and learn. Doris is certainly gifted at her craft and loves what she does. Her authenticity and enthusiasm are contagious. She not only delivers, but is a true delight to work with. Doris is involved with the Campbell Chamber of Commerce and she is the Chair of the Women’s Luncheon Series at Silicon Valley Capital Club. She is always giving back to the community and helps to promote those people and causes she has the occasion to work with. Doris is a true gem! Highly, recommend.”
Michelle H., Willow Glen, CA
“Doris has done a tremendous job helping me with clearly presenting my value position to leave a meaningful impact. I highly recommend Doris for everything from presentation preparation to effective communication styles. Thank you for making my value to business partners clear and concise.”
“Doris is awesome! Can’t recommend her enough for anyone looking for an executive coach / public speaking coach.”

“I would recommend Doris’ program for people who want confidence and strength for public speaking!”

Rubeena Qurashi
“I speak more clearly and with confidence, thank to Doris and her knowledge that she shares.”
Sophia Smith, Got It Technologies

“A great learning experience to put us on the road to success!”

Blythe Kern

“Doris’ Speaker workshop has me feeling ready to move forward into a new avenue of promoting my business!”


” As a small business owner, I can’t thank Doris enough for all the hands on experience she provides at her Speaker Training workshop. She provided a save environment and effective strategies to create and deliver engaging presentations that will propel my business growth! “


” After taking Doris’ VIP Master Class, I feel much more comfortable speaking and finding my own voice. My new confidence has me ready to share my story with the world!”

Kuldeep Sidhu, Tiger Style Training

” When I met Doris, I knew at first sight that she was the ideal person who could motivate and inspire me to improve my communication skills!”

Esther Man, Skyline Home Loans

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