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Doris Pickering

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Whether you are ready to take action to increase your confidence speaking in public, polish your executive presence or grow your business, Doris Pickering will provide you with the tools, practice and support you need to make that goal a success!

Providing effective communication exercises, systems, lots of practice and a supportive environment, you’ll transform from just being a “good speaker” into a confident communicator who will stand out from the crowd and be remembered.

Who is Doris Pickering?

Doris Pickering is an engaging, energetic and charismatic entrepreneur who brings her sought after public speaking and presentation training programs to ambitious business owners and professionals who are ready to improve their public speaking skills.

She has enjoyed a successful corporate career in some of the most influential companies in Silicon Valley, such as LSI Logic, Philips Semiconductor and HP.  With an Executive MBA, several professional certificates and her Can Do attitude, Doris gained expertise in many disciplines such as Business Planning, Sales Operations, Product Marketing and New Product Introduction.

After leaving the Silicon Valley high tech world, Doris launched her own public speaking and presentation training business, “Silicon Valley Speaks” (formerly known as ‘Get It Done With Doris’) to train motivated entrepreneurs and professionals how to grow their business or get noticed and promoted through public speaking. Her powerful training programs teach people how to communicate their message quickly, clearly and effectively.

Whether you’re a busy professional on the move or a small business owner, her programs will build your confidence so you can swiftly go from where you are to where you want to be!

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Training With Doris


Practice Speaking In Front Of The Group –

There are unique and effective communication exercises that Doris Pickering’s public speaking classes offer that you won’t find anywhere else. Participants are able to get up in front of the group and practice all of the public speaking tips and educational content that was taught. Participating this way increases self-awareness and self-confidence quickly.

Students do not passively learn with Doris! They get involved and practice presentation skills in order to improve their public speaking – and have fun at the same time!

Watch Your Own Video Recordings

Another way Doris adds value is to record class participants and clients as they practice speaking. Most people are horrified with having to watch a recording of themselves speaking, but this is one of the fastest ways to learn what you really do – and how others perceive you – when you are giving a presentation!

Worksheets and personal recordings are provided for students so they can continue practicing at home.

Safe and Supportive Space –

Since so many individuals are uncomfortable speaking in front of groups, Doris Pickering’s classes provide a safe, supportive, and fun environment in order to learn the art of public speaking and how to get comfortable speaking in front of people. This helps students break through their barriers, stand up in front of the group and DO IT. The only way to become more self confident and effective is to practice practice practice!

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