Laughter is the Best Medicine

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Family With Grandparents Enjoying Thanksgiving Meal At Table   As we rapidly approach the Thanksgiving Holiday many people look forward to gathering with friends and family. Still others find it quite stressful, whether dealing with difficult relatives, juggling travel logistics or knowing that, as hard as you try, you know you'll eat more [...]

Public Speaking Hand Gestures | What hand gestures do you use?

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An important component of effective body language is the proper use of hand gestures. If you don’t use enough, you look stiff and uncomfortable; use too many and you look out of control and it’s distracting.   There are countless movements people make with their hands; one of my favorites that I love sharing is [...]

6 Great Logistics Tips For Speaking

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The normal focus when you are giving a presentation is on the content of the speech itself, and your body language. Another important area to pay attention to is the logistics involved. Here are some logistics tips for speaking that will set you up to deliver a successful presentation: Work with the hosts beforehand, if [...]

So, how do you differentiate yourself?

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Many people struggle with this question – their mind goes blank, they stammer for the right words to say, and then either don’t sound convincing or say something so generic that it doesn’t really answer the question.   I remember listening to several Project Managers a few years ago who were seeking employment, and they [...]

Presentations and RISK

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I’ve been thinking a lot lately of the intertwining of giving presentations and Risk. What do those 2 topics have to do with each other, you may ask?   Think about your own eagerness to give a presentation in front of a group. Many people shy away from the opportunity, giving a multitude of [...]

“First Impressions” Also Includes How You Sound!

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How You Sound is as Important as How You Look When it Comes to First Impressions! My last blog focused on a theme of ‘First Impressions Matter’. Now I’m sure most of you have heard many variations on this theme – “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”, “people judge you [...]

First Impressions Matter!

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My first blog will start with first things first, and that is First Impressions Matter! Studies show that ‘first’ impressions of you are crucial to how you are perceived – which in turn is critical to your speaking success.   Whether you’re in the corporate world seeking a new opportunity, a business owner explaining [...]