About Doris Pickering

Doris Pickering is an engaging, energetic and charismatic entrepreneur who brings her sought after public speaking and presentation training programs to ambitious business owners and professionals who are ready to improve their public speaking skills.

Why do you do what you do?

Improve your public speaking and presentation skills. What is Your WHY?   As we are all going through the pangs of wondering where 2019 went, many people may already be looking ahead to 2020 and making grand plans.   How to increase business, make more money, lose weight, get into shape. I decided [...]

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What is your favorite Thanksgiving memory?

Improve your public speaking and presentation skills. Thanksgiving is days away, and if you’re like me, you often go back and enjoy some great childhood memories.   I grew up on 170 acres in Southern Oregon, and there were 5 of us kids. We grew an enormous garden, had many cherry trees, [...]

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It’s “Happiness Happens” Month!

Improve your public speaking and presentation skills. Happy Summer! August is the middle of Summer, and instead of sharing my usual profound strategy or communications education that will positively impact your life(!), I thought I’d keep this short and sweet.   August is also “Happiness Happens” month, which I hope brings [...]

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Going up? ⬆

Improve your public speaking and presentation skills. Chatting in elevators I love riding in elevators, and if you’re like me, you experience a lot of rides every week. It’s something we take for granted and really don’t give it much thought. But for me, it’s an endless study in how people [...]

The 2 Most Important Words You’ll Ever Say

If you are a prolific networker like me, you’ve undoubtedly heard many people introducing themselves. Whether it’s at a mixer where people don’t know you, a networking meeting you are a member of or a business meeting, being able to introduce yourself effectively is key.   However, I’m often struck by how many times I [...]

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Embrace your butterflies!

I often have people mention to me that they’d like me to help them get rid of their nervousness – the butterflies in their stomach – when they give presentations. While my expertise is working with teams and individuals to increase their confidence and effectiveness when they give presentations, I always invite them to think [...]

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Just Say “No”! | Learn To Say No Advice

Have you ever noticed how hard it is to say No to people? Whether it’s someone coming to your door to sell something, ask for a favor or seeking a donation to their charity, people really struggle to Just Say No.   We make up all kinds of excuses that beg for more time, but [...]

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A smile is the universal language of connection

As December marks the beginning of many festive celebrations around the world, we all look forward to spending times with family and friends. We always hope there will be much laughter, plenty of great food and many smiles.   Did you know that researchers have categorized over 50 different kinds of smiles? Everything from a [...]

Ask your audience for help!

It’s happened to all of us. We are in front of a group of people talking and suddenly….our brain goes blank! What most people don't think of is to ask your audience for help to break the ice.   We can’t think of that word, or phrase or punchline to that great joke we just [...]

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