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Who’s great at procrastinating

Small Hinges Swing Big Doors

Have you ever been faced with a task that you know you’d be personally and professionally better off once you’ve finished – but dilly-dally getting it started? You are certainly not alone!


Studies show that currently, 20% of our population admit to being chronic procrastinators (up from 5% in 1978) and that between 80-95% of college students procrastinate on completing homework.


For many, the cause of inaction can be feeling overwhelmed with the amount of work involved to get started, the sense that it won’t matter anyway, or there just isn’t enough time or money to justify getting started. (We can use those last two excuses on anything during our entire life!)


And I get it – especially now, while we are all being thrust into the unknown. Working from home was never in the plans of most people, and conducting all of our business or family contact via online video even less.


But we can all take heart in the fact that you can get started on the path of learning new things right now – and it doesn’t have to be hard or overwhelming.


Just do one thing at a time. Taking small, actionable steps that lead to success can create tremendous rewards and success fairly quickly.


Are you learning all about video conferencing but are confused with proper lighting, how to sit, what to wear, where to look and what not to do? Tackle one thing, get used to it and then move to the next. It’s crazy-making trying to become an expert overnight.


The great thing is, right now, we are all in the same boat at the same time. So channel your ‘inner hinge’ and start swinging those big doors!

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