The 2 Most Important Words You’ll Ever SayIf you are a prolific networker like me, you’ve undoubtedly heard many people introducing themselves. Whether it’s at a mixer where people don’t know you, a networking meeting you are a member of or a business meeting, being able to introduce yourself effectively is key.


However, I’m often struck by how many times I can’t understand the 2 most important words someone will ever say…. their Name!


We’ve all said our own name thousands of times. People may be attending a meeting and they know who you are. But for those attending who may not know who you are, it’s a particular challenge to carry on a good conversation if you say your name so fast that the most elementary bit of information is blown!


Most people speed over their name because they may be worried they need to cram everything they want to say into that omnipresent 30-second ‘Elevator Pitch’.


But instead of cutting down the content to fit the time allowed, they speed through the most crucial piece of information, their name. Since our goal for networking is to increase our visibility, it defeats the purpose when people can’t understand our name.


So, the next time you introduce yourself, be sure you enunciate your name clearly, so everyone will know who you are!


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