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How adaptable are you

What is your “Adaptability Quotient”?

The first month of any new year is usually all about change – the promise of a great year, new resolutions, and the optimism that comes with a fresh start.

For me, one major area I’ll be laser-focused on is Adaptability. How well will I handle whatever life throws at me this year, either personally or professionally? Will I be open to new ideas, processes, and opinions? How well will I be able to learn – and remember! – new ways of doing business?

This solidified for me because of two different things that happened on the same day… I met with a client that I recently helped prepare for a huge speaking opportunity, being on a panel at CES. As a result of her making a commitment to herself to adapt her current speaking style and comfort level, she was able to transform herself into a confident speaker in front of hundreds of people!

One of the ripple effects of being a speaker is increasing your visibility. My client shared that as a result of her presentation, her LinkedIn profile views spiked over 1000% – along with her confidence!

For those of you who have followed me for a while, that’s something I keep saying – speaking is one of the fastest (and least expensive!) ways to increase your visibility!

The second thing that happened to me was having this incredible TED Talk come onto my radar. Have you ever thought about your Adaptability Quotient?

Let me help you increase your visibility through effective presentations and improve your Adaptability Quotient in 2020!

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3 Ways to Measure your Adaptability – and How to Improve It

When venture investor Natalie Fratto is determining which start-up founder to support, she doesn’t just look for intelligence or charisma; she looks for adaptability. In this insightful talk, Fratto shares three ways to measure your “adaptability quotient” — and shows why your ability to respond to change really matters.

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