6 Great Logistics Tips for Speaking

The normal focus when you are giving a presentation is on the content of the speech itself, and your body language.

Another important area to pay attention to is the logistics involved. Here are some logistics tips for speaking that will set you up to deliver a successful presentation:

  1. Work with the hosts beforehand, if possible, to have the room set up to your preference.

    This is important if your audience will be writing or eating. Also, let them know what you’ll need – a projector, screen, and microphone, pens, notepads, etc.

  2. Arrive early enough to scope out the room.

    It’s great if you can view the room a couple days before your talk. If this isn’t possible, arrive at least 30-60 minutes before your start time. This will help you see the size & layout of the room.

  3. If you have a PowerPoint or video, arrive early enough to make sure your program is loaded and ready to go!

    Nothing is more annoying than watching a speaker fumble with the computer/projector that won’t run the required presentation.

  4. Have water handy

    – you never know when you might start coughing or get a dry mouth due to nerves!

  5. Have a way to keep yourself on time!

    I’m not a fan of continually checking your watch or phone for the time – it’s distracting and breaks the connection with your audience. I bring a small clock I can put somewhere easy to see, but it’s always great to see a nice, big clock on the wall!

  6. Ensure the room is ready for you.

    If you’re like me and give presentations where the audience participates in exercises or activities, be sure to ensure the room is suitable for the activities you will be doing.

These are just a few tips that will ensure you are prepared so you can deliver a great presentation!

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