Public Speaking Hand GesturesAn important component of effective body language is the proper use of hand gestures. If you don’t use enough, you look stiff and uncomfortable; use too many and you look out of control and it’s distracting.


There are countless movements people make with their hands; one of my favorites that I love sharing is ‘counting’ with your fingers. For example, if you have two reports, show two fingers, 4 different meal plans, show 4 fingers.


This helps your audience keep track of your points, and can also help you keep track of where you are in your presentation!


Wikipedia has an exhaustive list of hand gestures, enjoy the read! (this list is not curated, so please keep that in mind).


Below is a great video on body language.


“Body language: the power is in the palm of your hands” – by Allan Pease



Learn more about body language and hand gestures!


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