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Thanksgiving is days away, and if you’re like me, you often go back and enjoy some great childhood memories.


I grew up on 170 acres in Southern Oregon, and there were 5 of us kids. We grew an enormous garden, had many cherry trees, raised chickens, and ate a lot of venison. We basically lived off the land – we were “Organic” before that became a thing!


One of my fondest memories is the feast that of my mom would whip together with all of us pitching in. (Mom taught all of us how to cook when we needed a chair to stand on to see over the stove.)


While cooking was fun, eating was even better – and best of all was the lots and lots of leftovers. As I prepare my own holiday feasts for a big crowd, I always remember the fun of those memories from the past, and hope my children have fond memories like I do!


Whatever your plans are for Thanksgiving, I wish you a happy and safe holiday surrounded by family and friends. AND your happy memories!


PS – Feel free to share what your fond Thanksgiving memories are, I’d love to hear them!

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