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Welcome to Fall!

It is officially Fall and while it’s sometimes sad to say goodbye to Summer, looking forward to the beginning of another season is always fun!

I’ve been reflecting on how the changing of the seasons is, in a way, a reflection of my business. I’ve enjoyed great success so far, and have truly been honored to help so many people become more comfortable with speaking in public and stepping into their leadership potential.

Many of them feel stuck – stuck in the feeling of anxiety and overwhelm at the thought of having to give a presentation, even when they know that doing it will bring positive momentum to their career and life.

And now, I’m at that same point in my business and feeling the same thing they are! Many of you have heard me talk for quite a long time, more than a year, about wanting to launch my programs online. Well, I actually started the process about 5 months ago to make that a reality!

And I realize that I’m stuck – stuck in the feelings of anxiety and overwhelm at learning about all the moving parts that actually go into converting my face to face, in-person programs into an online format.

“How hard can it be,” I asked? Well…..pretty darned hard, it turns out! 🙂 I’m excited, scared, moving forward and getting stuck, all at the same time. I feel my emotional roller coaster is mirroring the stock market… way too crazy for squeamish people to pay close attention to, but if you just trust in it, everything will be ok!

So, I thought I’d share my “Stuckedness” with you to let all of you know that, no matter what we are all doing, we all feel stuck at some point, and we all manage to work through it and come out stronger because of it.

Stay tuned for more details on the progress of my online launch!

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